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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Meeting Attendance
Bowen, Macklin Tait7802-253-2890AU
Collins, Caleb Michael8802-793-9538UT
Cooney, Thomas Harvey6443-831-4223ET
Fitzgerald, Ava Lorraine6802-760-0473AU
Fuss, Alexander Thomas7802-888-5539UT
Glanz, Adam7516-455-3404AE
McNeil, Brodey Patrick6603-998-7100AE
Nissenbaum, Benjamin Isaac6207-316-9601AU
Ogden, Oliver8802-730-3923UT
Riley, Henry6802-253-0801UT
Taylor, Rowan Grace6802-224-6348AU
Wahler, Gemma Marin8802-586-2009UT
Wheelwright, George William8802-793-3200AU

Elisabeth Ortiz
Administrative Assistant
Stowe Middle School
413 Barrows Rd.
Stowe, VT 05672-4740
802-253-6913 x2330

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